Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm trying out DH's Aspire One Netbook this evening.  The keyboard is awfully short, but it's really not too bad to type on.  Surprising.  It is annoying when I mistype and have to backspace though.

DS loves the up-down game.  He signs up, and DH lifts him high into the air.  Then lowers him (whether or not he signs down).  He's learning the more sign and the milk sign, too.  Still does the Tarzan yell when he sees the cats ... but the new game tonight is tease the daddy.  He goes for the cookbooks or water bowl, looks to make sure we're watching, inches closer ... then closer, and if we're watching, he goes for it so we have to chase him and make him move.  Argh.

OK, I think it's bathtime now. DH has to go get cat food, let the cats run out.  Maybe we'll skip bath, DS is seriously falling asleep.  Signing off.

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