Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm trying out DH's Aspire One Netbook this evening.  The keyboard is awfully short, but it's really not too bad to type on.  Surprising.  It is annoying when I mistype and have to backspace though.

DS loves the up-down game.  He signs up, and DH lifts him high into the air.  Then lowers him (whether or not he signs down).  He's learning the more sign and the milk sign, too.  Still does the Tarzan yell when he sees the cats ... but the new game tonight is tease the daddy.  He goes for the cookbooks or water bowl, looks to make sure we're watching, inches closer ... then closer, and if we're watching, he goes for it so we have to chase him and make him move.  Argh.

OK, I think it's bathtime now. DH has to go get cat food, let the cats run out.  Maybe we'll skip bath, DS is seriously falling asleep.  Signing off.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anti-stress work day

Woke up with no power this morning; I think it had been out for a few hours. No fun – and cold! It's a dreary, foggy day. I couldn't get myself out of bed until the sun started coming up, and even then, it was rough. To make up for it, I took some reading to BreadCo and read over breakfast. I couldn't get anything done at home, anyway! It was nice to sit, drink coffee, and read for a few hours.

I had to do some writing too, took some notes. I noticed my writing was sloppy, and made myself slow down. There is no rush to get a URL or note written down! That seemed to help relax me, too, and it was easier to write. Growing up with dysgraphia, I always felt pressure to write faster – and my mind goes much faster than my hand. It was a nice change to slow down.

My cats have needed some attention. I took some time this afternoon to sit down and pet Madeline. She was shredding earlier and has really needed it! I think that helped my stress level too. It made her very, very happy.

My mantra today: slow down. It is important to get work done, but not necessary to do it at the frenetic pace I usually move!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Preparing my Briefcase

I inevitably get to court or a meeting missing something out of my briefcase. Usually it's something minor, like I forgot to pack business cards. Today I spent a few minutes pre-packing my briefcase and making a list of what needs to be in there.

Always keep in my briefcase:

  • Yellow note pad
  • Pens & pencils
  • Paper clips
  • Binder clips labeled "urgent" "to-do" and "file"
  • Business cards
  • This list
  • Post-it notes
Add to my briefcase

  • Calendar
  • Blackberry
  • Wallet (unless I am taking my purse separately)
  • Lipstick
  • Client files or documents I will need that day
And when I get home:

  • Empty my briefcase, re-fill the "always keep", and put it away.
  • Enter new business cards into address book
  • Look @ my calendar, update case management software, and put calendar away
  • Follow-up with new client information and to-dos

Birthday cake ideas

Trying to think of simple birthday cake decorating ideas for lil' bud's 1st birthday (Friday).  I was thinking about a theme cake (maybe a turtle or a pig?) but ... maybe I'll just do a round cake.  Maybe a design on top.  My mom says a round cake with lots of frosting.  What do you think?

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Joy of the Rice Cooker

DH gave me a rice cooker for Christmas. I know, I already have way too many kitchen gadgets, but I have been using this rice cooker and find it really useful. Of course, there is basic rice. I made some for lunch today using chicken broth – great for when I don't feel like cooking. But I am trying to be more creative with it.

I steamed carrots and parsnips with the rice cooker, and everyone enjoyed them! My rice cooker has a steamer attachment with large holes; I wasn't sure how small carrot pieces would work. Surprisingly, they did not fall through, and I wound up with very nicely steamed vegetables.

My new favorite, though, is oatmeal. I am excited about new grains, and I made oatmeal in the rice cooker and steel-cut oats in the crock pot. The steel cut oats were nice, toasty warm on a cold morning last week. But I really liked the oatmeal in the rice cooker. I prepared it at the same time as I made the coffee: oats in the rice cooker, then I added water and some cranberries. (I threw in some brown sugar too.) Turned the rice cooker on to the "white rice" cycle, and voila! Hot oatmeal while I could shower (or watch DS play, which is probably what I was doing at the time. Anyway, I didn't have to stand over the stove.

I got a book on cooking with the Rice Cooker at the library, and it's giving me more motivation to be creative. The next recipe I want to try is flank steak (yes, in the rice cooker!)