Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anti-stress work day

Woke up with no power this morning; I think it had been out for a few hours. No fun – and cold! It's a dreary, foggy day. I couldn't get myself out of bed until the sun started coming up, and even then, it was rough. To make up for it, I took some reading to BreadCo and read over breakfast. I couldn't get anything done at home, anyway! It was nice to sit, drink coffee, and read for a few hours.

I had to do some writing too, took some notes. I noticed my writing was sloppy, and made myself slow down. There is no rush to get a URL or note written down! That seemed to help relax me, too, and it was easier to write. Growing up with dysgraphia, I always felt pressure to write faster – and my mind goes much faster than my hand. It was a nice change to slow down.

My cats have needed some attention. I took some time this afternoon to sit down and pet Madeline. She was shredding earlier and has really needed it! I think that helped my stress level too. It made her very, very happy.

My mantra today: slow down. It is important to get work done, but not necessary to do it at the frenetic pace I usually move!

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