Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 2

Since I'm doing this now, I decided it needs to be planned. Last night I sat down with my calendar and blocked out 4 hours for every day this week, from 11-3, for lunch and nap. We ate lunch at 11, then Daddy played with Lil' Bud while I cleaned up. At 12, he got a diaper change, some songs and hugs, then went down.

I was prepared to be in there for 3 hours like yesterday. I had a bunch of stuff to read, I set the lighting so it was dim but I could see enough, and I was mentally prepared. I was by his bed for about 10 minutes, putting him down, enforcing "lie down" and massaging his legs and arms. He accidentally started his lightning bug toy, and this seemed to soothe him – although it only lasts about 30 seconds. After several rounds of this calmed him, I went to get his seahorse and put that in the crib – that really helped. I had heard about the seahorse being a miracle soothing toy for younger babies, but this is the first time it worked for us. Yay!

By 12:20, he was asleep, and I went to the chair and read. I left the room at 1:40.

At 1:00 he was waking up, and sitting up. I helped him lie down; he cried. I changed his diaper and gave him some hugs, and helped him lie down again. Just like before, he fought a little bit, but really was able to relax and go to sleep. I sat down and did some planning, then left by 1:15.

Now it's 1:50 and he's still asleep. Awesome!

2:00 he woke up. DH picked him up, I walked in and he pointed at Mommy. I know he had wanted to nurse for a while, so I sat down on the chair and nursed him; we both fell asleep. I finally made him get up at 4.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

sigh ...

DH came in, says he's been struggling to keep Lil' Bud awake for the past hour. :(

Naptime Challenge: Day 1

Wow. Lil' bud just woke up from his nap (at 3:20), I left his room at 3. Dad knows that he is on duty until 5:00; I'm so thankful for Saturday!

We've known that Lil' bud is determined from day 1, and he can be very determined not to fall asleep. He was playing with everything he could, and doing whatever he could do to stay awake. I lost track of how many times I got up to put him down, but I told him to "lie down" at least 3 times before I got up, almost every time.

Dad made me brownies; he knew I would need some chocolate this afternoon! I have a lot of reading to get through (old magazines that I've been meaning to look at "some day", etc.) I got a chunk of that accomplished – although it is hard to concentrate while he is screaming. I realized the vestibular motion of the rocking chair, that is so soothing to baby, is soothing to me too. (Thank goodness, I needed that calming!) I worked very hard to be calm during the nap time so he would get that from me.

This was exhausting. I expect that this afternoon and evening will be rough, too. But at least we can cuddle him to sleep tonight guilt-free.

The Naptime Challenge

Lil' bud always goes to sleep on Dad or me at home. But at daycare, he can fall asleep on his own, on a cot. I've finally decided, after 15 months, that I need to teach him to fall asleep in his crib. (Actually, I decided this months ago, but haven't been able to do it.)

I finally realized that we can fight this battle at nap time, rather than at bedtime when I am exhausted. So I have started our family Naptime Challenge, and I will fight this battle every day (except when Lil' bud is at daycare).

The Rules:

  1. This begins with lunch at 11:00, his normal lunch time.
  2. After lunch, turn on music and dance and play for a while.
  3. 12:00 is a diaper change, turn down the lights in his bedroom and turn on the sound machine.
  4. Help Lil' bud get comfortable in his bed by singing songs, reading stories, and talking for a short while.
  5. I go sit on the rocking chair and read until Lil' bud is sound asleep.
  6. Use the words "lie down" when encouraging Lil' bud to lie down (with the goal that he will, eventually, do this when I say it without me getting up)
  7. When Lil' bud is very worked up, use deep pressure on arms and legs to help him relax while he is lying down.
  8. Count to three before getting out of the chair to put him down, as I say I will help him lie down. (with the goal that, eventually, counting to 3 will work to get him to listen. When he's older.)
  9. Stay in his room until he is sound asleep.
  10. Ends at 3:00, or after he has been asleep for at least 45 continuous minutes.