Saturday, April 24, 2010

Naptime Challenge: Day 1

Wow. Lil' bud just woke up from his nap (at 3:20), I left his room at 3. Dad knows that he is on duty until 5:00; I'm so thankful for Saturday!

We've known that Lil' bud is determined from day 1, and he can be very determined not to fall asleep. He was playing with everything he could, and doing whatever he could do to stay awake. I lost track of how many times I got up to put him down, but I told him to "lie down" at least 3 times before I got up, almost every time.

Dad made me brownies; he knew I would need some chocolate this afternoon! I have a lot of reading to get through (old magazines that I've been meaning to look at "some day", etc.) I got a chunk of that accomplished – although it is hard to concentrate while he is screaming. I realized the vestibular motion of the rocking chair, that is so soothing to baby, is soothing to me too. (Thank goodness, I needed that calming!) I worked very hard to be calm during the nap time so he would get that from me.

This was exhausting. I expect that this afternoon and evening will be rough, too. But at least we can cuddle him to sleep tonight guilt-free.

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