Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Naptime Challenge

Lil' bud always goes to sleep on Dad or me at home. But at daycare, he can fall asleep on his own, on a cot. I've finally decided, after 15 months, that I need to teach him to fall asleep in his crib. (Actually, I decided this months ago, but haven't been able to do it.)

I finally realized that we can fight this battle at nap time, rather than at bedtime when I am exhausted. So I have started our family Naptime Challenge, and I will fight this battle every day (except when Lil' bud is at daycare).

The Rules:

  1. This begins with lunch at 11:00, his normal lunch time.
  2. After lunch, turn on music and dance and play for a while.
  3. 12:00 is a diaper change, turn down the lights in his bedroom and turn on the sound machine.
  4. Help Lil' bud get comfortable in his bed by singing songs, reading stories, and talking for a short while.
  5. I go sit on the rocking chair and read until Lil' bud is sound asleep.
  6. Use the words "lie down" when encouraging Lil' bud to lie down (with the goal that he will, eventually, do this when I say it without me getting up)
  7. When Lil' bud is very worked up, use deep pressure on arms and legs to help him relax while he is lying down.
  8. Count to three before getting out of the chair to put him down, as I say I will help him lie down. (with the goal that, eventually, counting to 3 will work to get him to listen. When he's older.)
  9. Stay in his room until he is sound asleep.
  10. Ends at 3:00, or after he has been asleep for at least 45 continuous minutes.

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