Thursday, February 11, 2010

Judith Jones

I got my brother Judith Jones's book "The Pleasures of Cooking for One" for Christmas.  After paging through it, I was hooked.  She has edited TONS of cookbooks (including Fannie Farmer and Julia Child), but written only 1 other book, a memoir.

I got her memoir from the library a few weeks ago and LOVE IT.  She has really gotten me more interested in cooking good foods.  I made macaroni and cheese from scratch twice now, and decided I don't want DS to learn what box mac & Cheese is like. (Had me some leftover for lunch, YUM!)  She is fun and easy to read, and tells a story in a paragraph or 2, so you can pretty much pick it up, flip to a random page, and find something interesting and complete to read.

Got an overdue notice from the library, the book is due. *sob* If you want to give me a birthday or christmas present someday, this is a good one!  (Matt, I hope you like her book as much as I did!)

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