Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not behind - FLYLady Style

Good morning!  Well, i guess it's hardly morning any more, but I'm finally ready for my day!

I had a really hard time motivating myself the last few days and getting work done.  By the end of the day yesterday, the kitchen was a mess, my office was a mess, I had no idea what to do for dinner (since I hadn't started it in the crock pot as planned), and I felt like a mess.  We had leftovers for dinner (yay leftovers) and took DS to the pool to play, we all had a great time!  But we went to bed that night with a still-messy kitchen, and I ended up "oversleeping" this morning! (At least much later than I wanted.)

So I got DS to daycare in time for breakfast this morning, ate breakfast, and caught myself goofing off again this morning - but I DID something about it!  I decided I need to do my evening routine (since I didn't do it last night), and my morning routine, then I can look at my day!

I did my evening routine in 50 minutes.  Here is what I did:
  • cleaned up the kitchen/washed dishes
  • started the dishwasher
  • shined the sink
  • spent 2 minutes picking up the living room
  • put away all folded laundry in the bedroom
  • brushed & flossed my teeth.
After that, I spent 10 quiet minutes in bed reading and praying.  That's part of my evening/bedtime routine, and I was doing it!

After that, I got up and did a modified morning routine:
  • put my shoes on (i was already dressed)
  • did my face & hair
  • made the bed
  • rotated laundry, folded & put away 1 load.
  • Checked my calendar (I'm not going to do all I wanted, but had factored in some down time this afternoon that, I guess, I already spent)
  • ate another breakfast (I was hungry after all that!)
  • started dinner in the crock pot.
So now I am finally ready to "start" my day.  Ready to work now, and I hope the rest of the morning and afternoon will be productive!


  1. Well done on 'restarting' your day! :D Funny how, if you take time to do your Morning Routine and Evening Routine, everything else falls into place... :D