Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Naptime challenge on Tuesday

After working so well for a few days, we had totally forgotten about the naptime challenge. My mom asked me how it's going, which reminded me to do it, so I would try again today.

It didn't work so well. After 2 hours of therapy, Lil' Bud was yawning by 10:15. When the speech therapist left at 10:30, I made lunch, and he ate at close to 11. Played a little bit, diaper change, and I put him down, somewhat calm.

Bud got worked up immediately, and within seconds was standing up in his crib and SCREAMING. I could tell his brain was in such a primal mode, he wasn't going to calm down. Deep pressure while in his crib didn't seem to help, so I picked him up and squeezed him while he cried. And cried. And screamed in my ear. It got to the point where I just gave up on trying to calm him that way and nursed him, he fell asleep quickly.

It's not even noon now, and he's fast asleep in his crib. I am so glad he's still breastfeeding, because that is the best way I know to calm him – and he still needs that help.

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