Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Morning in Seattle

Vacation, day 2: I'm sitting in Seattle waiting for Starbucks to open, so I can get a cup of coffee.  I can't believe Seattle doesn't have 24-hour gourmet coffee shops; what were they thinking?  Isn't this supposed to be the caffeinated city?  I suppose this is the problem of a 2-hour time shift right after we switch to Daylight Savings Time: 4:30 a.m. just doesn't feel that early. (n.b. I collapsed into bed at 7.)

Day 1 was the longest day of my life.  DS had a GREAT time on the airplane (ear tubes rock!); we landed and he said MORE! lol. After that 4 hour flight, he was still great on the 45-minute train to the hotel.  We had lunch (finally, fresh fish!) and then walked to/around Pike's Place for a while. I just wish he would wear a hat; his ears got cold!  Grabbed dinner on the way back to the hotel: the 3 of us split a plate of Tikki Marsala. DS's first try of Indian food, his choice (we were in the food court, I said we'd get him some black beans and he walked over to the curry), and he loved it.  Even though the lady at the counter was pushing me to get him something less spicy.  Guess I'll have to learn to make curry now.  After a dip in the hotel pool, we both collapsed.  (I think 2 double beds in a hotel is the way to go with a toddler!)

Looking forward to a train ride today, and to seeing Grandpa and Oma this afternoon! (and maybe, just maybe, he'll nap today. Here's hoping.)

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