Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crisis Cleaning Sunday

My house has finally gotten to the point where I can no longer bear to look at it.  I must clean. MUST clean. NOW!!!!

Just a preview of my messes
 Actually, I look at this picture, and it doesn't look so bad ... it FEELS like everything is so much WORSE! At any rate, I need to clean today.

I'm not on here to goof off, but to plan -- what am I going to do today?  Here's a starter list:
  • pick up -- in just about every room. (Tom is helping with this. W is helping mess this up.)
  • vacuum
  • cat litter
  • trash
  • laundry, so we have clothes to wear this week
  • dusting
  • sweeping and mopping
  • pick up in the basement
  • decluttering
  • some office work to do today
  • dishes and kitchen clean up
  • decluttering
  • START working on Hotspots
Wow, when I write down my list, it doesn't sound so bad. It feels so overwhelming though!  I'm going to make a plan and start with that.

This morning before lunch I'm going to:
  • clean up the kitchen
  • spend 5 minutes picking up in each of 3 rooms
  • take out all the trash
  • dust
  • declutter for 15 minutes in the dining room
After that, I'm going to take a little break, plan the next round of tasks, and have lunch.  It's a start ...


  1. Wow. Your house/office looks like mine. I will join you in Sunday crisis clean. I have been throwing out furniture. I have to pay bills. I have to pack for a business trip. I will begin NOW. - mary beth
    Minimalism is my goal.

  2. You can do it Sarah!!!!

    Love, Gem from chat

  3. 45 minutes later ... DS is napping. I've spent the time cleaning up kitchen/loading dishwasher, and nursing DS to sleep.

    Still haven't gotten dressed to shoes, so I'm going to do that now, then change sheets on bed, do something with laundry, and take out the trash.

  4. I like making lists too, it helps me focus. Good luck with yours :) Remember to take babysteps.

  5. more than an hour later ... DS is still asleep, I'm listening to a book on tape. ("Fireproof". It's cheezy, but my MOPS group read it last year and I saw it at the library.) Listening makes it easier to get work done.

    I am dressed to shoes. All the laundry that is done is folded, mostly put away. Took out the trash. The sheets on the bed have been changed, I dusted the bed, and am washing the old sheets now.

    So I'm going to go work more now. Plan is to do dishes in the kitchen, declutter for 15 minutes in dining room, and pick up/sweep in the dining room.